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Issue: August 24th, 2003

What's #%#!

Formatting Glitches Fixed

A few minor formatting glitches in some entry fields on some of the drop sheets have been fixed. For example typing a date as 08/25/03 will now expand appropriately to 2003.

What's New!

RTFD TemplatesSupported

Many of you have requested the ability to create RTFD templates so you could include a corporate image into your invoices. Version now supports this capability. Just edit a template and save it as either Invoice.rtfd, Detail.rtfd, or Expense.rtfd in the same directory as the other templates reside. If a .rtfd version of a template exists it will be used instead of the .rtf.

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade just visit the downloads page and download the 1.1.3 version again. The version number for the release has not changed on the web servers although the version number in the App's info dialog will now appear as Previous license holders recieve the upgrade for free.

Make sure to back up your archive prior to the upgrade just in case something goes wrong.