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Issue: June 27th, 2003

What's #%#!

A problem has been reported by a couple of users when they upgraded to a permanent license: The old client archive disappeared after the license was installed.

Problem 1: "All my clients and sessions were gone!" This is known to happen if a temporary license expires. It is by design to intentionally limit the use of unregistered copies of the software.

Work Around: Once a permanent license is installed an archive created under a temporary license is saved by default to $HOME/Library/Clock And Track/ This archive may be opened and saved out again. Make sure to update your preferences so that the startup archive points to this newly saved archive. If any of you have experienced this problem under different circumstances please email me with a description of the problem you encountered.

Problem 2: Surprisingly no one has reported this problem. Saving out archive preferences (by clicking OK on the Archive Settings dialog) may invalidate the permanent license by reinstalling a temporary license.

Work Around: This is fixed in the next release. The work around is to delete the ~/Library/Clock And Track/bdnsw.lic and restarting Clock And Track.

Problem 3: These long license codes are a pain in the &%&*^%*&^%!.

Work Around: Yeah, I know. We want to redo the license manager but it is not yet on the immediate list of things to do. Apologies.

Problem 4: Where's the FAQ ?!?!?

Sorry. it doesn't exist yet. Hopefully it will soon.

What's New!

A new point release of Clock And Track is imminent. An email will be sent to registered users pointing them to a URL where they may be able to download a preliminary beta copy. This is a minor release and no problems are expected. (Famous last words.) Your existing license will work. A description of the bugs fixed and features added are listed below. Registered users of course will be able to freely upgrade to this release if they want to.

Thank you for becoming a registered Clock And Track user! If there are any features or problems with the software do not hesitate to email us at Some of the new features were requested by you! Thanks for the input.

PS If you learned of this software at versiontracker and you are happy with the software it would be great if you left a positive review on their website!

New Features Included in Version 1.1.0

Fixed Bugs

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